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Sweet Potato Pie Mix

Sweet Potato Pie Mix

What Is Country Crown About

Country Crown Is About LOVE...

My Grandma was a Southern Soul Food Queen! Friends & family would always
tell her she needed to open a restaurant but she never got around to it.

I remember Grandma used to talk about how her Mom cooked the best food she ever tasted...I felt the same way about her.

Grandma didn't cook from a recipe so in order to learn how she cooked I spent countless hours watching, listening and learning. We did quite a bit of
laughing and enjoying each others company too.

Over the years I have also received compliments on my cooking and I've been
told I cook like my Grandma. Too many times it's been said I should sell my
food. So, I have embarked on this journey. We began with a sweet potato
seasoning blend and it just keeps growing. I hope you enjoy whatever you
purchase each and every time. If not, don't hesitate to let us know!

Remember it's not good if it's not made with love. So our products always
start with LOVE! Enjoy!!!